about karolina

"Karolina makes her visuals

live and breathe." 

"I am amazed and intrigued by everything around me" says Karolina. "I crave the challenge of capturing the transitory nature of a single instant and holding it in time."


For Karolina, no detail is too small, and no landscape too immense.  A substantial dosage of patience dominates as she quietly waits for the perfect shot of a dragon fly, of the afternoon light on a field of wheat, of a child responding to ice cream for the first time and of a groom glancing at his bride. 

Karolina's passion infuses every photograph she takes: it sharpens their edges and brightens their colours. It gives them a sense of immediacy and intimacy. 


Karolina is a phogtographer because she simply couln't be anything else. 





Tel: +27 82 795 5994

Email: katonthehat@gmail.com

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